Monday, February 27, 2012

Splish Splash

A splash of color can certainly help pull a person (such as myself) up a little from the depths of a self-pitying depression.  Obviously, it's not a miracle cure, but as the bulbs in my front yard sense the warmth of spring approaching, little pops of color start jumping out of the mottled brownish background.  One of the things I tend to do when I'm in one of my moods is to do a lot of female-stuff window-shopping online.  Although we are doing ok, money is a little tight, so I seldom actually buy anything.  Besides, whenever I do, I end up feeling really guilty for spending money on something that rarely gets worn, and even more rarely gets out of the house.  Anyway, I was browsing again today, and at MyHabit, saw a pair of reddish men's-style flats in my size!  I haven't decided whether or not to get them, but it got me to thinking that even when I'm in public and in drab, I should add a pop of unexpected color just for the heck of it.  Plus these aren't bright fire-engine-red.  I've seen guys shoes close to this color - just not something I would normally wear.  But why the heck not?  It would probably get a slightly raised eyebrow from some of the people who know me, but not enough to actually give me away as trans just yet.  It's not so much for the excitement of possible somewhat-desired-but-feared-so-in-the-end-not-wanted discovery :-) as just as a little reminder to myself that I can either stay down in the dumps or grab each and every happy moment, no matter how small.

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