Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Does anyone else (who hasn't had bottom surgery) find the trend toward panties with narrower crotches to be extremely annoying?  I'm really not well endowed in the guy genital department, but it's hard to keep tucked with many of the latest panty styles!  Surely it can't just annoy panty-wearers with "extra junk"... I mean, even if I had my bottom surgery or if I was a natal girl with a vagina, they're getting to the point where surely they must ride up, right?

On a separate note, as pretty as lace panties are, they sure annoy the heck out of those of us who tuck. :-(

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  1. Yep, I concur. I have some that are virtually unwearable. Maybe they would appeal to the natal, but they have some subject to cover, too. I think it's just a way of cutting the price of producing garments, one square inch at a time.