Monday, January 31, 2011

Stop House Resolution 3 !!!!!

Whether you are anti-abortion or pro-choice, it is extremely important that you contact your congressperson and demand that they vote down House Resolution 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”. Even if you are anti-abortion and the goal of this bill is in agreement with your values, the reason for opposing HR3 has nothing to do with abortion.

The key issue here is protection of rape victims. One of the provisions of H.R. 3 changes the federal law which gave an abortion exemption to victims of rape to victims of “forcible rape”. What the FUCK !? “Forcible rape” is not even a legal term, so what does this mean? If a woman was drugged, and did not struggle, is it rape? If a woman is too afraid for her life to repel a rapist, is it forcible? In their haste to slap together an anti-abortion bill, Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) and his co-sponsors have submitted an extremely flawed piece of legislation.

Tell your representative to vote this one down, and if you believe in the anti-abortion agenda, then tell them to go back, and write a more carefully considered bill. Fortunately, it is unlikely that this bill would get through both houses of Congress even if it made it through the House, but it sure sends a terrible message to women, and for that matter, male victims of rape as well.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another person who will know. The baby steps continue.

Technically, this post should be titled "another person who might know". I finally have an appointment to meet and possibly place myself under the care of a primary care physician. It's been a few years, so this is long overdue, I guess. I'm a bit anxious about this - I mean, other than my wife, only my therapist really knows both male and female sides of me. Oh, and the endocrinologist who gave me my initial prescription, but it's been ages since I've been to see him either. I guess there's no way to ask if the doctor is comfortable treating a transsexual patient without actually telling her that I am trans, so I'll just bite the bullet and come straight out with it - that's the plan, anyway. I honestly have no idea what to say or do if she says no. I'm thinking that it will be an interesting test of my own psyche to talk about this with someone completely new.

So, next Tuesday afternoon, there should be an interesting post up on here, whether positive or negative is still to be decided!

In the meantime, this songs does two things: make me want to dance, and make me really wish I too had a map of Tasmania. :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First post of the new year!

Well, the holidays are now over, my visiting relatives are now gone, and even my son, who stayed over here while the little cousins were in town, will be heading back to his own place (other than when he wants a home-cooked dinner).  Which means that I will finally be back to blogging regularly rather than completely ignoring the blog as I try to squeeze in little bits of work between watching a baby and toddler at play, cooking meals, and otherwise keeping houseguests entertained (all of which I do happily, by the way - I'm not complaining!).

And how do I wish to start off the new year?  Humor of course.  For those of us MTF types who either do not wish to have top surgery, have not yet done so, or can't afford to do so, I think you'll enjoy this.