Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another person who will know. The baby steps continue.

Technically, this post should be titled "another person who might know". I finally have an appointment to meet and possibly place myself under the care of a primary care physician. It's been a few years, so this is long overdue, I guess. I'm a bit anxious about this - I mean, other than my wife, only my therapist really knows both male and female sides of me. Oh, and the endocrinologist who gave me my initial prescription, but it's been ages since I've been to see him either. I guess there's no way to ask if the doctor is comfortable treating a transsexual patient without actually telling her that I am trans, so I'll just bite the bullet and come straight out with it - that's the plan, anyway. I honestly have no idea what to say or do if she says no. I'm thinking that it will be an interesting test of my own psyche to talk about this with someone completely new.

So, next Tuesday afternoon, there should be an interesting post up on here, whether positive or negative is still to be decided!

In the meantime, this songs does two things: make me want to dance, and make me really wish I too had a map of Tasmania. :-)

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