Monday, February 6, 2012

passing naked

well, not actually naked.  i've been thinking alot lately about whether or not my face passes for a woman's when I'm not wearing makeup.  I'm pretty sure that if I'm dressed in total guy drab, no one will look at my face and say, "Why's that girl doing drag?"  What I want is to be recognized automatically as female when I'm dressed either completely femininely or even androgynously.  if you've read earlier posts, you know i'm still stealth and have not had any surgeries.  My hair is long, so that sort of helps, but there are plenty of guys with long hair.  If I "cheat" slightly and wear tinted lip balm to help my lips look smoother, make sure my eyebrows are brushed down, and have my hair in a feminine hairdo (nothing fancy, just high instead of low ponytail, or roughly french braided instead of my regular low braid, etc) I think I approach passability.  Maybe.  I really really need to work on my voice.  Definitely the hardest part.  What I need to do is make a playlist of just the few songs that help me sing in about the right register for my femme speaking voice and sing along over and over again.  Sadly, I thought I was doing ok with my speaking voice for a little while, but then I recorded myself and realized that with my eyes closed or over the phone, it would definitely be assumed male.  Bummer!  So I've been trying to do lots of recording/playback to make sure any progress I make is real and not just in my head.  :-)

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