Thursday, October 21, 2010

I hate flying.

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by Marina Avila
Between the TSA and the added cost of bringing luggage, flying somewhere is a huge pain in the ass for those of us who are still working both genders!  Plus, I really hate flying.  I'm more than comfortable with the physics of heavier-than-air flight, so I have a cerebral understanding that it does make physical sense.  But, being up in the air with no control whatsoever just freaks me out. Still, this time it will be worth it!

In a couple weeks, I'm flying up to New England with my wife for six days.  She has to work, but we'll have the evenings and a weekend.  After talking it over with her, she actually agreed to try going out in public with me as viv (i.e. en femme)!!! It will be the first time I've ever ventured out for any significant length of time in daylight, and the first time I'm likely to have personal interaction with strangers.  I have this combination of fear and excitement in me that just keeps growing as the trip looms closer.  Now I just have to figure out what to wear, what to bring, and how the heck to fit it.  The good thing is that since I'll travel with my wife, any girl stuff showing up on the x-ray will be assumed to be hers.  I'm not sure what they'd think if they actually searched it by hand and found no male underwear or really any male clothes other than maybe a dress shirt or polo.

We'll be in the Providence area mostly, though we will probably be making at least one trip into Boston, and maybe a trip to the Cape.  I'm not sure yet how much of this will be with me as an overt female (as opposed to my usual wearing of womens or unisex clothes while presenting as male).  I hope the first time I try this doesn't freak my wife out so much she doesn't want to try it again the rest of the trip!

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