Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guys and Gals

from Candy Magazine via
Fashion Gone Rogue
This is Andrej Pejic.  He's a male model with a willingness to do androgynous looks.  This, plus the recent fashion weeks in NYC, London, Milan, etc have me thinking a little bit about, of all things, men's fashion.  Every year, it seems that some designers attempt to feminize men's fashion - skirts, billowy pants or blouses, leggings, etc.  On the one hand, as someone who is part of the transgender spectrum, I welcome ideas that recognize that gender expression can be a complex and a mixture of the traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine.  However, as someone who is pretty much a "standard definition transsexual", I find that these fashions just don't move me.  They aren't something I'd wear, because whether I am presenting as male or female, I don't feel somewhere in between, and I am definitely not avant-garde enough to wear something that fashion-forward anyway.  I'm not a boundary-pusher.  Some of them are just goofy, others seem futuristic and potentially wearable, but more in a costume-y way.  Other than kilts though, skirts haven't caught on for guys despite decades of designers showing them on the runway.  Lots of other feminine touches have made it into men's fashions - why not skirts?  Now that I'm thinking about it, what is it about a skirt that makes it anathema to men?  Is it that the genitals feel relatively exposed?  How is that different from baggy shorts?  Is... a puzzlement.  (to quote from The King and I).

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