Sunday, October 10, 2010


I saw a "shrink" for a couple of years, about once every 4-6 weeks, until my insurance changed and coincidentally, I felt that circumstances in other aspects of my life were going to keep any possibility of transitioning in a holding pattern for at least a couple years.  It's been a few years now, and I'm starting to wonder if I should go back and start seeing her again.  Transitioning does seem slightly more possible now, but more importantly, I feel alone in this - I'm not a very social person and the few social situations I do get into tend to be ones where disclosure of gender identity issues would not be welcomed.  It wasn't so much that she gave me great advice, or hardly any advice really, the great value was that she listened and tried to care and help.  My wife tries, but that's still just one person, and someone who I know wants to help me out of love, but also has a hard time with the thought of losing her husband.

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