Thursday, November 11, 2010

OK, maybe not so sad.

I may have overreacted a bit in my last post.  I am really bummed that my dear wife has not brought up the subject, and since I didn't bring anything in particular to wear, it doesn't matter that much anyway.  On the other hand, it is nice to spend some time with her (when she isn't at work).  And in the meantime, I am spending the day in girl mode.  I mean, sure it's jeans and long-sleeve T-shirt, but it's also panties and bra, and painted toes, and most importantly, it's me letting myself feel uninhibitedly all-woman.  At home, even when I'm dressed to the nines in my office and I don't expect to be interrupted, there's always a nagging little voice that reminds me that my "guy responsibilities" may at any point intrude.  I ventured outside for a short walk, and wasn't met by any unfriendly stares despite my high ponytail and breasts being slightly incongruous with my non-made-up face... or maybe not.  Do I pass without any makeup at all?  It seems unlikely.  More likely that people just don't give a crap about the other folks they pass on the street.  So overall, I'm having a pretty decent day.  Next step will be to stop by the donut shop nearby and buy a donut in girl mode.  I'm still not very confident in my voice.  This may take a while to work up to.  :-)


  1. Perhaps she's waiting for you to bring it up? She might just need a little push to be reminded how important this is to you. She's secretly hoping that you've forgotten it.

    Very cool, though, getting to walk about the world as yourself. That'll be the tastiest donut ever.

  2. I chickened out. I recorded myself what seemed like a hundred times and I just couldn't convince myself that I didn't sound like a guy. But I did go walking around more, more completely female, still no makeup, but with hair obviously feminine, and wearing more feminine, form-fitting workout clothes. No negative reactions I was aware of, though I also avoided eye contact.