Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Laci Green deserves better


Laci Green, who writes the Sex+ blog, has taken a break from tumblr and possibly youtube (accounts seem to vary), due to threats of physical violence and even death, as well as serious cyberstalking.  It appears there are two primary motivators for the nut cases threatening her.  First, she supposedly insulted the trans community by using the term tranny a few years ago.  She has apologized and took down the video.  In her overall body of work, she has not been transphobic, and has generally promoted a very open idea of who and how to love.  The other motivator is apparently a remark that some took to be Islamophobic.  She just pointed out ideas from Islam that she disagreed with.  But, she has also pointed out that she disagrees with ideas from other religions as well, and certainly wasn't suggesting that all Muslims or all people of religion x were terrible people.  Just the fundy-literalist-nutjobs (my terminology).

All that aside though, even if you were offended by what she wrote or said, it does not make it ok to threaten  to harm her!

This did get me thinking about my own reaction to terms like tranny.  Growing up a racial minority, I heard racial slurs now and then, and to be honest, I tended to ignore them, not feeling it was even worth the effort to get upset.  Pretty similar now.

But this also made me think also about how I feel when I see someone who is purposely playing with the gender binary, a genderqueer person, if you will.  I will admit that sometimes if I see someone presenting as such, I get a little ticked off momentarily, because I think, "hey, people like you set back public acceptance of transsexuals who just want to be a "normal" person of the opposite sex."  But of course, then I realize how stupid that is, and how it completely selfishly ignores everything I stand for as a sex educator (and for that matter as a parent/teacher/human being) myself, to be open and nonjudgemental of people based on their appearances.  The point is, I'd guess someone had a flash gut reaction to Laci's use of "tranny" and got all worked up without taking a minute to think it through, to find out that she did it without meaning harm, and when recognizing its potential hurtfulness, took it down.

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